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Cuff Links - Civvy.

PIRATE stuff.

Lapel Pins - General.

Merchant Navy Stuff.

Blazer Badge-Ships.

Blazer Badge-RAF.

Baseball Caps.

RAF Products.

Royal Navy Stuff.

Key ring - HM Ships.

Books-Patrick O'Brian.

Marcasite Crown.

MTB/Coastal Forces.

Walking Stick & Badges.



A B C - T&C.

Field Gun Stuff.

Cuff Links - RM.

Books - WRNS.

WRNS Products.

See also BOOKS - WRNS

Books:Merchant Navy.

Cuff Links:British Army.

Badges-Field Gun.

Buttons - Blazer.

If you require both blazer buttons and cuff buttons please order separately

Berets and Caps.

Medals and Ribbons.

Cuff Links - RAF.

Lapel pins - RM.

Submarine Memorabilia.

Fleet Air Arm Stuff.

Sword - miniature.

Cap Tallies.

Royal Marines Stuff.

Badges: British Army .

Cuff Links HM Ships.

 Sweetheart Brooches.



'My son is serving' Sweetheart Brooch.

Lapel Pins - RN.



Books - RN IN FOCUS.

Published in England by MARITIME BOOKS


Royal British Legion.

 Sea Scouts.

Flags and Bunting.

 Royal Marines Band.

Model Ships - 1:1250 .

All models are painted and assembled. If you wish to assemble and paint your own model please contact us by email for cheaper prices.

Prints - Ross Watton - HM Ships.


Model Ship Kits 1:700 scale.

Model Ships - Display Box.

Books - Flower Class Corvettes.

Blazer Badge-Army.

HMS LOWESTOFT Association.

RFA Stuff.


Gift Voucher.

Gifts for Ladies.

Prints & Pictures - HM Ships.

Camouflage Gear.

Bow Ties.

Blazer Badge-MN/RFA.


Cuff Links RN Branches/Rates.

A link - HMS GANGES Stuff.

Cuff Links - RN Shore Establishments.


Jewellery for Her.

Marcasite Jewellery.

Pill/Trinket/Enamel Box.

 Badges: Cap.

 Blazer Badge-RN/RM.

 Badges: Embroidery.

 Badges: Lapel .

 Badges: HM Ships.

Miniature badges which double as a fridge magnet but are ideal for mounting in a frame to display his/her whole career. ALL ships and shore establishments are available with only a few WW2 exceptions.

 Cuff Links RN/RM/RFA.

Devon Flag Products.

Created in mid 2003 with the help of BBC Radio Devon the new Devon flag proudly flies throughout the county and from the boats seen in the Dartmouth harbour goes all around the world!

 Shirts: Dress.

 Shirts: Polo.

 Shirts: Rugby.

 Ties: Merch' Navy.

 Ties: RAF.

 Ties: Regimental.

 Ties: Royal Marines.

 Ties: Royal Navy.

 Bosun's Calls.

 Key-Ring: Gold Wire.

 Key-Ring: Nautical.

 Key-Ring: Regiment.

 Teddy Bears.

 Spoons: Crested.

Fancy bowl, silver plated souvenir teaspoons

 Zippo & Windproof Lighters.

 CDs: RM Band.

 Books - Royal Navy.

 Bells: Bell Ropes.

 Bells: Ship's Bells.

We are experienced in sourcing most types of Naval Memorabilia. If there is a specific item you require, please email us

The New Devon Flag
BBC Article

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